Principal's Message

“The progress of a nation is decided not in legislature, not in court, not in factories, but in schools”
S. Balkrishna Joshi

School are institutions devised by the civilized man for the purpose of aiding in the grooming of the young for well- adjusted members of society. It is a cradle that fosters integral development through education- education for knowledge, for background, for standards and values, for skills, for understanding, for culture, for making a contribution, for a sense of belonging, for attitudes and for proper orientation to the modern world. With this perspective, the educational institution “St. Mary Mazzarello Girls’ Higher Secondary School, Jowai” also hopes to bring out the hidden potentials of the young minds and the development of all the dimensions of the person- intellectual, moral, psychological, cultural, social and communicating aspects. With the launching of the school’s website “” the institution desires to reach out more evidently to the young and offer them a variety of experiences in the contemporary world.

St. Mary Mazzarello Girls’ Higher Secondary School, Jowai, an educational institution run by the Salesian Sisters of Don Bosco (FMA) searches to always remain steadfast and true to its motto, “Virtue and Knowledge” in its educational thrust. The school aims at fostering the life, growth, development and empowerment of young girls through quality, holistic and integrated education and by equipping them with skills, confidence and positive approach with total commitment towards their all-round development. While striving to achieve academic excellence, the school also seeks out to provide ample opportunities to the students to explore the pursuit of learning through co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. The spirit of harmony, fraternity and mutual respect is valued and treasured in the institution. Every person that passes through the portals of St. Mary Mazzarello is valued for one’s uniqueness, talents and dignity of a human person. It is indeed an ardent quest and challenge for the staff and management of the institution to tap the resources of the young people, channelize their potentials and translate their dreams into an ideal certainty that gradually forms the zenith of success in their lives. Immersed in the dynamic and vibrant stream of the modern context of education, the school holds certain to uphold the core ethics of education and of human life without compromising the hierarchy of values.

I wish all the young people and all those who will be profiting from the website an enriching experience of learning. We hope that the website will reach out to everyone with elements that are enriching, inspiring, informative and formative.

God bless us all!
Sr. Madona Lytep FMA